Updated 2012-09-25 21:36:17 by AK

We have a Wikit-based development Wiki here at O'Neil [1]. Early on, the search UI was found to be somewhat lacking, so we built a more usable and accessible search UI for our users. - WJR


  • Tab indicies (Search For > Titles Only > Titles And Content > Search > Clear Form)
  • Keyboard accelerators (Search For: S, Titles Only: T, Titles And Content: C)
  • ADA Section 508 Compliant
  • Appropriate string highlighted in search results

It seems like this has become the primary UI through which users get Wiki information, especially since our Wiki has grown.

AK. Question: What is ADA Section 508 ?

ADA Section 508 [2] is concerned with disabled user's ability to access electronic information. The W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative [3] has information and tools on how to make web content [4] accessible. - WJR