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What: tkpim
Where: <URL: http://prehititcl.sourceforge.net/tkpim/ >
Description:database driven, client/server personal information manager (pim). Also referred to as an auto-hyper-linking sticky note program with a client/server architecture.
Currently at version 0.0.
Contact:See web site

See the other software at http://tcl.prehiti.net/ . They include GUI frontend to CVS, a wizard for creating new C++ classes, a recursive search and replace tool, image tools such as a browser, sorter, converter, web indices generator, thumbnail generator, de-interlacer, POP3 manager, a GUI for [babelfish], GUIs for [wget], tools to analyze ping info to measure and display performance, and http://prehititcl.sourceforge.net/lib/ - a series of proc libraries for working with tcl, tk, itcl, itk, as well as procs to create specialized text widgets, displaying tree or directory info, multi-column list viewing widgets, tab widget layout container proc, tooltips library, scrollable text or canvas widgets, image display classes, theme skinning framework, network message passing library, and more.