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Is an animated display of an internal combustion engine. There are 3 different types of engines that are selectable by holding down the mouse button. The 3 different types are Flat4, Inline4 and V6. The default is the Inline4.

This program uses 3 animated gif images from an article on HowStuffWorks.com to display then engine in motion. The program also figures out the maximum frame rate for the images.

Version 1.1 is available here [1].
 # TkEngine Program V1.1
 # by Satoshi Imai
 # 1.1, 07-Jul-2002 modified by Fuhito Suguri
 # http://www.interq.or.jp/japan/s-imai/tcltk/tkengine.html
 # Based on a article by Marshall Brain @ HowStuffWorks.com
 # http://www.howstuffworks.com/engine2.htm

The Homepage for tkEngine[2] is in japanese but a translated version is available through bablefish here [3].

MPJ A reformatted version with the frame/sec in the title bar and scale to fit the PocketPC is available here [4]. Note you still need the 3 images from the above version: flat4.gif, inline4.gif, v6.gif.

Here are the shots of it running on my Dell Axim (arm 400Mhz w/ PocketPC 2002)


Update (25-09-03): The same code and the same Dell Axim but using the updated PocketPC 2003 edition and the 8.4.4 port of TclTk. I now get a frame rate of 5 fps vs 3 fps on the 2002 (and its noticeable on other TclTk apps too).

And here a picture of this code running on my desktop (1GHz ~ notice the difference in frame rates vs the PocketPC).