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Introduction  edit

This is an index of games written in Tcl/Tk

Tcl-only  edit

Young Children  edit

Children  edit

Engineering  edit

Puzzle  edit

Card  edit

Maze  edit

  • 3D Maze - move around and try to solve a 3 dimensional maze
  • TkMaze - computer players with "lefty/stupid/righty" strategies
  • Tilt Mazes

Board  edit

Strategy  edit

Action  edit

Shooter  edit

Simulation  edit

Quiz  edit

Educational  edit

MUD  edit

a mud client

To Sort  edit

  • Pachisi (Mensch aerger dich nicht) [1]
  • Muse - an addictive little app that lets you draw in music

Tclets  edit

See Obtaining the TCL Plugin for the code necessary to execute the following (which are mostly too large for a reasonable Wiki page)

  • Bat-and-ball: [2]
  • Frogger: [3] LV Anyone know what changes are needed to get this program to work? I get a tcl syntax error trying to run it locally. UKo: The downloadable code doesn't contain the image data. The placeholder '...' is not a valid list and so the program gives an error.
  • 3D Maze Explorer: [4] (comes in both standalone and client/server versions.) Also includes an experimental Tclet version at http://www.man.ac.uk/~zzcgudf/tcl/mazeexplorer.html
  • Space Invaders http://www.treblig.org/daveG/sinvader.html DKF - updated to correct address

Tcl/Tk game related applications around the internet edit

Tcl programming games edit

  • taskforce [76] program AI to carry out orders -- only the description actually exists, no code
  • TclRobots [77] -write Tcl programs to control fighting robots
  • RoboTournament http://robotournament.sf.net/ - not only write Tcl programs, but watch them in Tk GUI interface
  • MechMaster

Tcl Games mentioned in the past edit

Other game-related pages edit

02oct02 jcw - With so many games available, and lots of them already packaged as starkit in [90]... wouldn't it be an idea to create a game pack and make them available as example, teaser, and show-of-vitality in various contexts? One could think of download sites, packaged as a single-file Windows starpack on [91] for example. Or a more developer-focused style, à la Tk-Widgets and Effective-Tcl, which present both a demo interface and a way to inspect the code. Perhaps throw in "ml" as browser/editor. Games are a low-barrier way to show what Tk is up to (but not in techie style "widget collections"!). Simply adding a note that many of these examples need less than a hundreed lines of programming, that everything is available for inspection, adaptation, and re-use, including a "widely used but unknown power tool called Tcl/Tk", and that the largest corporations... yada, yada, yada. All smaller than a floppy, and runnable without installation...

Am I the only person thinking there is a "teeny bit" (ahem) of untapped potential screaming to be released into the world?

20Jan05 Brian Theado - see Bundle o' Starkits

03-Oct-02 JAG - I've always thought games would be a great way to show off tcl/tk and possibly present it in a different light. This might be just the thing to break down some of the artificial walls some people seem to have built between themselves and a great little language. This would also give me an excuse to put the finishing touches on several games I developed a while back - a Tk version of the arcade classic "Galaxian", and a pretty cool rendition of "Breakout". I LIKE THIS IDEA!

3 October 2002 KBK - Love it! Jeff, will you volunteer your Sokoban as well? A little Yahtzee game is also small and self-contained, as is Jeff Hobbs' Tetris. And of course, sdarchive has several games already in Starkits.

Did someone say Sokoban? Out of the blue, tksokoban.kit appears in [92] ... :o)

3-Oct-02 JAG - Consider it volunteered! Now I've gotta' get to work on those "almost finished" games...

8-Nov-02 stevel - I've been adding some more Starkits to the Starkit Distribution Archive. While doing this I've created a new category for games, wrapped many of the above games, and added them.

I agree it would great to have a single Starpack of games as a showcase for the power/flexibility/efficiency/practicality of Tcl/Tk.

Anyone know of any Tcl/Tk based multi player online role playing game clients? I'm trying to locate something that doesn't require a compiler to use.

Larry Smith While A text adventure game engine is presently set up to do traditional single-player gaming, take a close look at the parser. You will see heavy use of the object "me:". The engine itself cares only about objects, multiple players should be a simple matter of building a parser that takes multiple input streams and disambiguates orders by using the appropriate player object. e.g. larry:, bill:, and so on, rather than just "me:".

Well http://freshmeat.net/projects/shadowed/ is an application framework for adventure or role-playing games, which includes an optional Tk GUI. Not really what you were seeking though.

MG May 1st 2004 - I wrote Potato MUSH (MUD) Client, a client for connecting to MUD/MOO/etc text-based roleplaying games. I also know of TkMOO-Light, at [93], as well as a few more mentioned on the Interacting with the Internet page.