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The example application for The Tclkit Shell. The purpose of this application is to demonstrate the power of Starkits. Here is one suggestion:
 # - Open an email window addressed to a person in your "address book" -
 # Start script "maila"
 send email %recipient
 # End script "maila"

 # - The address book entry -
 # Start script "janne"
 [email protected]
 0704-58 392 02
 # End script

This would enable us to launch an email to janne simply by typing "maila janne" in the cmdline window.

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What does %recipient represent? The first argument to maila? Why not use something more tclish like:
 proc maila {recipient} {
     send email $recipient

A better or somewhat more detailed example would be more helpful. I still don't see how this Starkit approach is any better than a mere function (proc) run with its arguments.

A beta version of the program will be released within a few days - Veronica Loell 6 May 2003.

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