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Tom Poindexter: FastCGI is a technique of improving CGI performance by prestarting one's application.

http://www.fastcgi.com seems to be the current link for this...
 What: FastCGI for Tcl
 Where: http://fastcgi.idle.com/
        http://www.fastcgi.com/applibs/2.0.0/fcgi-devel-kit.tar.Z (???)
 Description: Extension of CGI that eliminates drawbacks and provides high
        performance, which remaining highly compatible with existing
        CGI applications.  Original only supports Tcl 7.4,
        see idle site for pointers to Tom Pointdexter's version for
        newer support, as well as other language support.
        To use some features you need tclX, at least 8.0.2 installed.
        You must have the fcgi development kit 2.0b2.1 or newer to
        use Fcgi.
        FastCGI is supported by at least these servers:
        Apache 1.2.x (with mod_fastcgi 2.0.9), NCSA 1.5 w/FastCGI support,
        Netscape server w/FastCGI support, Open Market, Stronghold,
        Bluestone Sapphire web servers.
        Some problems appear to exist with this code and recent Tcls, resulting
         in core dumps on Unix.  Contact Tom Poindexter for details.
 Updated: 11/2000
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]
        mailto:[email protected] (Tom Poindexter)

RLH 10-18--2006: I read a couple things that indicated there is going to be a push to refine and enhance FastCGI and include it with Apache. The idea is to get away from the mod_<language> and have FastCGI give everyone a robust even playing field. We shall see. Here is a link to the info: [1]

ZLM Microsoft released FastCGI extensions for IIS 6 and 7. These can be downloaded from http://www.iis.net/ .

See also [Apache Toolbox]

See also http://sourceforge.net/projects/tcl-fastcgi/