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There's probably no Tcl-specific content to this page.

People often have need of PDF output. This is generally regarded as a difficult format to write programmatically. One convenient way to begin to work with PDF is to achieve it as a transform from HTML. Several tools change HTML to PDF, including:

  • HTMLDOC - A commercially supported version is here: [1]
    For an open source version of the same program, look here [2]
  • Apache FOP [3] - actually that's XML/XHTML -> XML-FO -> PDF
  • HTML2PDF [4]
    D. McC Dead link for HTML2PDF--12/8/2004
  • My Personal favourite: Use html2ps [5] to go from html to PostScript and then the standard ps2pdf [6] program. You get a pdf with intra-page links working. VI
  • Bottle Neck [7] is a converter HTML->TeX, written in Tcl. If you take PDFlatex, the effect is HTML->PDF.
  • wkhtmltopdf [8] comes with many command line options as well as a C library to link into your programs.

I wonder whether something using tclxml and pdflib (or pdf4tcl) might be able to be written to do this transformation.

For more references, see [9].