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What: tclsap
 Where: http://www.mcs.net/%7Egarth/SAP/TCLSAP/
 Description: Extensions to Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0 to allow interactive or script
        based access to a SAP R/3 system through RFC calls.
        Allows one to develop CGI-BIN access through which SAP can be
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Garth Kennedy)

ZLM says:

The current URL for this package is http://home.xnet.com/~garth/SAP/TCLSAP/

GLH: the above link is dead, (Nov 5, 2004).

See also this [1] post on c.l.t.

See also [SAP]

snichols Interesting that you wrote a Tcl/C client for SAP. We are currently working on a SAP integration, and have chosen the route of writing a Java servlet that's an SAP client,. The Java servlet acts as a BAPI client to the SAP server, but also handles http requests/reponses to/from a Tcl application. We are using the Java servlet to act as a middle guy between the Tcl client and SAP server. We mostly did this per the customer's request and the programmer assigned knows Java very well. Too bad the Tcl SAP client is not publically available, and we might have used it instead.

Garth Kennedy