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This page is for discussion of Tip 510

See also Rbc here.

Which commands should be included?

  • vector: needed for graph
  • graph: curve display widget
  • stripchart:
  • barchart:
  • busy: not needed, because we already have tk busy
  • winop: Is there anything here that is absent from plain Tk except winop snap? As other extensions have similar things, it might be better to do that one thing as a core addition to Tk (separate TIP) and leave this whole command out. (Also note that TIP 489 implements this for the key special case of rendering a canvas to an image.)

RZ I will implement put "rbc::winop snap" as "tk snap". Hope this is the right place.

Should there be a special switch to enable compiling and including Rbc?

Should we change Rbc to some other name to prevent name clashes?

How should we integrate Rbc?

  • separately like ttk widgets (command=rbc::graph C-sources under generic/rbc/)
  • directly add to tk (command=graph, C-source=tkGraph.c, ..)

Should we export a C-interface?