Updated 1999-07-21 12:09:22

by Matt Newman - 'DejaNews:'' [1]

This has been a busy bug submission week with the release of Tcl/Tk 8.2b1.

  • Tcl/Tk 8.2b1 Release Announcement (see [2])
  • TclPro1.3b3 Release and Contest Announcement (see [3])
  • Tcl_Objs have lost their dual representation. (SERIOUS 8.2 BUG) (see [4])
  • HOWTO: write C++/multithreaded extensions for Win32 (SAMPLES) (see [5])
  • Hide the Source, Luke. Discussion of source-hiding solutions (see [6])
  • Lambda in Tcl. Discussion and comparisons with other scripting languages. (long but interesting thread) (see [7])
  • Get ready for the 7th USENIX Tcl/Tk Conference, Feb. 14-18, 2000, in Austin, Texas. Paper submissions due Sept. 1, 1999. (REMINDER) http://www.usenix.org/events/tcl2k/