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What: gdtcl
Where: http://www-personal.umich.edu/%7Espencer/guraldi/gdtcl.html
Description: A Tcl extension to Thomas Boutell's GD 1.1.1 package, allowing you to generate GIF images. See http://siva.cshl.org/gd/gd.html for more details.
Note: GD is no longer being updated due to the Unisys patent situation regarding GIF. Also note that the author has a number of patches for this package, but has not applied them as he no longer uses this extension. If someone else finds this extension useful, s/he should email the contact to volunteer to take it over.
Updated: 12/1998
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Spencer W. Thomas)

News Flash

The UNISYS patent has expired, and libgd is alive and well.



See also GIF, GD, gdtclft.

Spencer Thomas, Thomas Boutell