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What: gdtclft
 Where: http://www.graphviz.org/
        Static binaries for linux:
 Description: gdtcl is an extension for drawing GIFs with lines, polygons,
        etc.  This modification adds fully scalable, rotate-able,
        anti-aliased, Unicode, TrueType text string support,
        using the FreeType library.
        It is compatible with tcl 7.6p2 , 8.0p2 (with support only
        for 255 character fonts), and tcl 8.1a2 (65536 character
        Unicode fonts) and has only been tested on SPARC/Solaris 2.5.1.
        A collection of TrueType fonts are available at ora.com.
        The lcdmultimedia site has a port of version 1.9.4 of this extension to
        Windows, using the GD 1.3 library, without LZW compression as well
        as 2.0, the new minimal distribution (which requires you to do the
        work to get other libraries from other sites).
        The mschwart site has a version of this in beta for GD 1.7.3.  It
        includes improvements such as ellipses, proper arcs, and line
        The nsysu site has a new version which generates PNG output rather
        than the proprietary GIF LZW format.
        A new release, with FreeType 2 support, is expected in the near future.
        Watch the first URL for updates.
        The latest version is 2.2.5 .
 Updated: 06/2003
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (John Ellson)

 Win32 binaries (summer 2005): http://datalgor.narod.ru/contrib/

See also gdtcl, GIF, Unicode, TrueType, FreeType, GD.

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