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What: Berkeley DB Tcl interface
Where: http://www.sleepycat.com/
Description: Tcl interface from the support team for the Berkeley DB support and development team.
Currently at version 4.6.18 .
Contact mailto:[email protected] David Gravereaux for patches to the Berkeley DB v3.0.55 Tcl extension to add Stubs support.
This is currently at version 4.0.14 .
Updated: 05/2000
Contact: mailto:[email protected]

What: Berkeley DB library interface (eijk)
Where: In development by the contact
Description: A Tcl interface to the Berkeley DB library.
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Pim van der Eijk)

What: Berkeley DB library interface (Rosen)
Where: ftp://genome.wi.mit.edu/pub/steve/software/tcldb.0.0.tar.gz
Description: A Tcl embedding of the Berkeley libdb routines. Requires Tcl 7.3 and Berkeley db version 1.85.
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Steve Rozen, Ph.D.)

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