Updated 2017-07-31 20:25:05 by SEH

The eZ430-Chronos is a highly integrated, wireless development system that provides a complete reference design for developers creating wireless smart watch applications. Chronos is a reference platform for many applications, such as wireless watch systems, personal displays for personal area networks, wireless sensor nodes for remote data collection, & other applications.

The watch comes along with an access point in the form of a dongle, incorporating a TI chip that can, on one side, talk to the watch via RF, and on the other side, talk to the PC via an USB slave interface.

When the access point is plugged into a PC, a PC application called the Chronos Control Center provided by TI can exploit it to communicate with the watch: graph sensors, set the watch time, calibrate sensors, send fitness data. The Chronos Control Center is a Tcl/Tk application delivered with a loadable library that extends the interpreter to provide access to commands controlling and querying the dongle/watch.

See: Control an Arduino With a Wristwatch (TI EZ430 Chronos) [1]