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Detailled information is available at http://www.eurotcl.tcl3d.org.

Official registration ended on June, 10th 2017.

Late deciders may still register till June, 30th 2017.
WhenJuly 8-9, 2017
WhereBerlin, Germany
Email Contactmailto:[email protected]
Site ChairMartin Lemburg
Program ChairPaul Obermeier

The following Tcl'ers present a talk:
Florian MurrMcFSM - A Vast Extension to Finite State Machines
Franz VaterOrganizing information, projects and communities by an information server based on tclhttpd
Christian GollwitzerControlling Large-Scale Experiments with AsynCA, a modern Tcl extension for EPICS channel access
Uli EnderUsing GPIOs of Raspberry Pi in pure Tcl - my way
Manfred RosenbergerRefactoring approaches for rattleCAD, a domain specific CAD-application written in pure Tcl
Carsten BellonaRTist - An Industrial-Radiology Simulator Using Tcl/Tk and VTK
Leonid VovchukTcl as automation tool in mechanical calculations
Steve ShawHammerDB, load testing and benchmarking databases with Tcl/Tk
Alexandru DadalauMechanical Simulations with Tcl/Tk
Nathan CoulterAn Event Loop For Coroutines
Arjen MarkusWork-in-Progress: Renewal of a tutorial
Arjen MarkusWork-in-Progress: Mathematcl
Donal FellowsTBC: Status of Tcl compiler tclquadcode
Adrien PeulvastTBC: Use of BLT (RBC) and canvas in the testing of metro systems
Han TheIPEnv. A Tcl/Tk-based integrated programming environment