Updated 2017-09-22 07:04:02 by JOB

JOB 16-10-12, I packed the marvelous markdown converter (ported from Perl to tcl) together with the Caius extension (support for html tables) and made a small application.

  • The Starkit executable lets you instantly convert 'markdown' text files to html just via drag & drop.
  • The following platforms are currently supported: Microsoft Windows as well as OSX.

As the source would hardly fit into this wiki, the program can be found here: http://www.johann-oberdorfer.eu/blog/2016/10/12/16-10-12_markdown2go/

Please note:

  • The source code includes as well a simple make mechanism (tcl script), which allows to cross compile Starkits for the 2 target platforms mentioned above.
  • kit executables I usually download from the kbs project, which works quite well.