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The Package Repository Client, which is currently part of the Eagle project, allows users to obtain packages for both Tcl and Eagle.

It is implemented as a set of Tcl scripts, all of which support being evaluated in a native Tcl or Eagle interpreter. It uses HTTPS to communicate with the Package Repository Server and the Package Downloads Server, which are just customized instances of Fossil.

All trunk check-ins on the Package Repository Server are OpenPGP signed. All files managed by the Package Repository Server are OpenPGP signed.

The Package Repository Client verifies the OpenPGP signatures on all downloaded files.

For each file that belongs to an Eagle package (e.g. script files), a Harpy script certificate file is also present.

This project is sponsored by Eyrie Solutions.

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In order to use the Package Repository Client, the following prerequisites must be met:

  1. The tls package available for use by the local Tcl installation.
  2. An implementation of the OpenPGP standard (e.g. GPG)
  3. The Package Client Toolset, added to the auto_path of the local Tcl installation.
  4. The Package Signing Key (dated "2003-06-09", with fingerprint C3C7 5138 83EE DD3A ED1F E425 502C 96AF 495D C2D9) on your local OpenPGP key ring.

Currently, Package Repository Client is in the beta testing phase.

There are an extremely limited set of packages available and access is controlled via API keys.

To request access, please contact Joe Mistachkin.

For those simply wanting to examine the client code, which is Tcl licensed, it can be found here.