Updated 2016-10-23 17:36:14 by paul

BAWT is a Tcl based configurable framework for building C/C++ based software libraries from source code without user interaction.

Its main usage is for the Windows operating system, where different build environments (ex. configure/make via MSYS/MinGW, nmake, CMake, Visual Studio Solutions) and compiler (MSYS/MinGW gcc, different Visual Studio versions) are needed to build these libraries.

See the release history for more details.

PO 2016/06/24 - BAWT version 0.1 released. Introduction at EuroTcl 2016.

PO 2016/08/28 - BAWT version 0.2 released. Contains more than 40 libraries, generation of tclkits as well as a Batteries Included Tcl/Tk installation program for Windows.

PO 2016/10/23 - BAWT version 0.3 released. Improved build actions and new libraries. tcllib speed-optimized with critcl.