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RLH 2008-04-03: Is there going to be one? And if so, what are the improvements going to be?

NEM See http://www.equi4.com/vlerq.org/ . Vlerq is the next generation Metakit engine.

RLH Does the wiki page need updating? Vlerq is a research project

NEM Only jcw could answer that. I'm not sure if Vlerq has moved to the point of being a production-ready product yet.

RZ Vlerq is used as database in Tclkit Lite and metakit as database in Tclkit.

RLH 2011-08-29 : last I talked to him Mk2 was dead in the water.


What would we like to see in a Metakit2?

[avsokol] - 2012-07-12 15:17:55

http://www.vlerq.org - now belongs to an interior design company.