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by Matt Newman - 'DejaNews:'' [1]

This week has been refreshingly varied, however I am unable to furnish a good "Quote of the Week" this week

  • Request for Input -- adding new data structures to the Tcl Core? (see [2])
  • Tcl/Tk 8.2 in the works - get your comments in by July 23rd (see [3])
  • Long thread on making Tk a loadable package (amongst other things) (see [4])
  • Tiny Tcl interpreter in C++ (built from scratch) (see [5])
  • 99 bottles of beer (exercise in having fun with Tcl) (see [6])
  • New version of the Tcl Web Server released (see [7])
  • NT/95/98 Serial driver rewrite: Call for comments (see [8])
  • John's slides from his recent USENIX presentation (see [9])
  • New Regular Expression "How To" (see [10]) http://www.tcl.tk/doc/howto/regexp81.html
  • Get ready for the [Seventh Annual Tcl/Tk Conference ], Feb. 14-18, 2000, in Austin, Texas. Paper submissions due Sept. 1, 1999. (REMINDER) http://www.usenix.org/events/tcl2k/