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JayBy 2016-05-30

My name is Jürgen "Arthur" Beyersdorff, coming from Stuttgart, Germany.

I'm workless at the moment - my tenor is to work for the project, not for the boss ;-) -, so I have time to learn more about Tcl/Tk and GUI programming, internal structure, like elements and something else.

I can write bash scripts and HTML with php and javascript, and years ago as I saw Tcl/Tk, it's a good scripting language with capabilities to writing GUIs. But I read in some forums, Tcl/Tk is obselete, so I leave it.

But now I'm back.

My biggest problem with Tcl/Tk is the 'old school' GUI. With ttk::themes it's a little bit better, but the nicest theme looks ugly, if it doesn't match the colors of the environment. So I've tried to learn much things about the structure of Tk/Ttk and write some packages to make things easier (for me !?).

Mostly I try, that my apps and packages are system independent. I write my scripts on a Linux (Slackware 14.1) system and test it some times on WinXP/Win7. I have no Mac, so I cannot test on a Mac.

I have also rewritten some ideas from this wiki, to put them into my packages.

I have named most of my packages with the prefix xtk, because I've tried to extend the present widgets and commands with my own ideas. So 'xtk' means 'eXtended TK'.

Programs  edit

  • TkStyles ( Theme switcher, to create uniform look with different GUI libraries )
  • TkTest ( My personal test app, to test my packages and the usage/handling of the widgets )

Packages  edit

  • defColor ( helpers for mixing colors and something else )
  • xtk::theme ( creates ttk::themes, based on system environment, like gtk2 )
  • xtk::theme::rivet ( Bitmap themes with round widgets )
  • xtk::wm ( Extended window procedures for positioning and movments )
  • xtk::notebook ( Extends ttk::notebook with buttons for adding and scrolling tabs )
  • xtk::bindings ( Bindings for widgets, like search function for ttk::combobox )

Scripts  edit

jsuntheimer72 Hi, JayBy! Are you still around? I managed to get xtk::theme and defColor from aspect on irc, but it would be great if such excellent software were not lost to broken links :)

ABU 29-jan-2018 The website hosting your works does not respond. Your xtk packages looks really excellent. I could test them on Mac if only I were able to download them !