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RetroLook is a simple window manager for X11 wrote in Tcl/Tk and C. It is based on TKWM that, where possible, has been cleaned and fixed. RetroLook makes your desktop looking like it was in the '80 years. It recalls AmigaOS 1.x, in particular the 1.4 (a version never released), because it had planned the maximized button. It supports also sloppy focus, close button, stack buttons and resize button. Clicking on the title bar or on the right bar also does raise and focus. There is nothing to configure, no wallpaper, no color scheme, no fonts, etc... Also it does not support virtual desktops. There is not plan to support such things. It works only with a simple menu file in the home directory, ~/.retrolookmenu, with simple items, no submenu's.

May be usefull for coding and testing purpose.

Please visit: http://web.tiscali.it/pas80/retrolook.htm

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paskali - 2016-06-01 07:49:30

new release available