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Drawer Example

bll 2016-5-23. A "Drawer" is a widget that slides in and out -- a pop-open task pane (reference BOOK About Face 4th edition pp 464).

This is a simple example of an animated drawer using a paned window.

package require Tk

variable oldpos

proc movesash { inc limit } {
  set sp [.x.p sashpos 0]
  incr sp $inc
  if { ($inc < 0 && $sp < $limit) ||
       ($inc > 0 && $sp > $limit) } {
    set sp $limit
    .x.p sashpos 0 $sp
  .x.p sashpos 0 $sp
  after 15 movesash $inc $limit

proc doclose { w args } {
  variable oldpos

  set sp [.x.p sashpos 0]
  set oldpos $sp
  movesash -10 12
  .x.cyan.sep.c configure -text "\u27eb\n\u27eb"
  bind .x.cyan.sep <ButtonRelease-1> [list doopen %W]
  bind .x.cyan.sep.c <ButtonRelease-1> [list doopen %W]

proc doopen { w args } {
  variable oldpos

  movesash 10 $oldpos
  .x.cyan.sep.c configure -text "\u27ea\n\u27ea"
  bind .x.cyan.sep <ButtonRelease-1> [list doclose %W]
  bind .x.cyan.sep.c <ButtonRelease-1> [list doclose %W]

wm withdraw .
frame .x
wm manage .x

ttk::style configure TPanedwindow \
    -background lightblue
ttk::style configure Sash -sashthickness 0 \
    -handlesize 0 -handlepad 0 -sashpad 0

font create l
font configure l -size 11 -weight bold

ttk::panedwindow .x.p -orient horizontal -style TPanedwindow -height 200
pack .x.p -in .x -fill both -expand true

frame .x.cyan -background cyan -height 200 -width 50

frame .x.cyan.sep -width 12 -relief flat -background lightblue
pack .x.cyan.sep -in .x.cyan -padx 0 -pady 0 -side right -fill y -anchor e

label .x.cyan.sep.c -background lightblue -foreground darkblue \
    -text "\u27ea\n\u27ea" -font l
pack .x.cyan.sep.c -in .x.cyan.sep -fill y -expand true

ttk::button .x.cyan.a -text {Button 1}
ttk::button .x.cyan.b -text {Button 2}
ttk::button .x.cyan.c -text {Button 3}
pack .x.cyan.a .x.cyan.b .x.cyan.c -in .x.cyan -side top -anchor nw

frame .x.yellow -background yellow -height 200 -width 200

ttk::label .x.yellow.txt -text {This is frame two.}
pack .x.yellow.txt -in .x.yellow -anchor ne

.x.p add .x.cyan -weight 0
.x.p add .x.yellow -weight 1
set w [expr {[winfo reqwidth .x.cyan]+[winfo reqwidth .x.yellow]+12}]

.x.p configure -width $w
.x.p sashpos 0 [expr {[winfo reqwidth .x.cyan]+12}]

bind .x.cyan.sep <ButtonRelease-1> [list doclose %W]
bind .x.cyan.sep.c <ButtonRelease-1> [list doclose %W]
wm protocol .x WM_DELETE_WINDOW exit