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Stefan B. Komatsu. dograt in the Tcl Chatroom.

Tcl-related home page (temporary host, will update here when moved) with descriptions and code of some hopefully useful extensions: [1].

APN Stefan, I was looking for your critbit extension. Is it available somewhere? The above link is inactive. Thanks.

AMG: Same. I was also looking for critbit. Right now I'm kicking myself for not saving everything I found on your site when I had the chance since it's important to my work.

I sent this message to the uCoz staff: "This site [tclstuff.ucoz.net] registered to Stefan B. Komatsu was recently deactivated. It contained some code and papers important to the Tcl community. We wish to contact Stefan but have no way to do so. Is there any way to obtain an archive of the website or to put us in touch, within the bounds of your privacy and other policies?"

Update: uCoz has responded.
 The website has been reactivated.
 Best regards,
 uCoz Support Team