Updated 2015-04-08 06:05:41 by AMG

This was one of the many URL's where Tcl's "main page" (The Tcl Developer Xchange) has been hosted over the years. Finally, we now have a great URL to use for now, and for the future, as it is independent of any one company: http://www.tcl.tk

However, there are lots of dev.scriptics.com, tcl.activestate.com and other links scattered around. While they will continue to work for the foreseeable future, it's nice to present one canonical URL.

All it takes to find the old URL's here is to search on tcl.activestate.com* so they would be really easy to find and clean up.

With a big thanks to ActiveState for employing Andreas Kupries and Jeff Hobbs, as well as hosting the web site!

AMG: Nope, http://dev.scriptics.com/ is now gone.