Updated 2016-01-12 10:33:04 by JeffSmith

This is place holder for the app CloudTk. I am putting the place holder here and summary to keep me motivated to finish this.

A Summary of the application

It is based on WebSockit2me - a TCP to WebSocket gateway that uses a noVNC to display Tk applications in modern Web Browser. It runs on Linux and requires an Xvnc server to be loaded. Tk applications are listed on a web page. TclHttpd dynamically launches an Xdisplay via Xvnc and then starts a window manager and launches the Tk application.

I am only at the proof of concept stage but I have successfully launched a Bundle o' Starkits - the Tk Game Pack and displayed the games in a Web Browser only showing the Tk application no desktop. Tk Pool is my favorite.