Updated 2017-09-21 13:30:58 by APN

tclcsv (by APN) is a binary extension for reading CSV format files based on the Python / pandas CSV parser.

2016-01-03: Version 2.2 released. Changes since 2.1

  • dialectpicker accepts either a file path or a channel
  • latent support for the tarray package

2015-12-19: Version 2.1 released. Changes since 2.0

  • Tk widget dialectpicker with data preview for interactively selecting dialect options
  • Added options to only return specific fields from each record
  • improved (?) heuristics for guessing CSV dialects

2015-11-04: Version 2.0 released. Changes since 1.0:

  • new reader api for incrementally reading large CSV files (so entire file does not have to be slurped into memory)
  • heuristics for guessing CSV dialects, headers and column types

Compared to the Tcllib CSV module:

  • Tcllib CSV is pure Tcl which has obvious advantages, and provides both read and write functionality.
  • tclcsv is binary and therefore much much faster. It also supports more options in terms of CSV formats and works with plain lists as opposed the matrix and queue structures used by Tcllib CSV, and supports an incremental read mode. On the other hand, it currently does not implement any write functionality.