Updated 2015-08-21 04:31:46 by SEH

surfit is a computer program which enables to calculate a regular grid from various data (scattered points, 2D and 3D contours, surfaces, etc) in different ways (interpolation, approximation, inequalities, etc).

The code is written in C++ with STL usage. Careful attention is paid to performance related issues. The goal of surfit is to provide an efficient tool to scientists dealing with 3D surfaces computational tasks.

The program is delivered as an extended Tcl shell with custom commands for interfacing with the C++ gridding algorithms. A Tk-based GUI is also included.

The program has the following basic features:

  • It is very fast! surfit is multithreading application, it can use all of your computer processors. Also you can use boosters to speed up computation speed even more.
  • Quality of resulting surface is comparable with a surface created by Kriging or Minimum curvature method.
  • It can deal with HUGE data sets.
  • With surfit you can build your surface from very various data with various uncertainty. In short, you can use scattered points, fault lines, trend surfaces, contour lines, inequalities, integral conditions and other. Also it is possible to order data by priority or combine with weights.

Not to be confused with Surfit! web browser.