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The Southwest Data Display and Analysis System (SDDAS) is a flexible multi-mission/ multi-instrument software system intended to support space physics data analysis. It allows data in distributed archives, from many different satellites and other sources to be displayed and analyzed using a diverse set of graphical applications.

SDDAS is built on a client/server model. The client side contains the graphical and analysis tools, catalog subsystem, and user interface. The server side maintains the data archive and provides data granules (files) to the client side.

The heart of SDDAS is the ability to produce graphical exposition (line plots, spectrograms, images, xy spectral plots, and contour plots) of the data as well as mathematical analyses without writing software. Each application has an extensive set of menus to provide the user with the means to tailor what is displayed and analyzed. Additionally, the user may combine different types of plots on the display using a composition tool that allows great flexibility in building complex displays.

Each application has the ability to save all configuration information into a layout file. Thus allows complex parameter sets to be created and then reused quickly for subsequent analysis work. These files can be exchanged between users as a mechanism for collaborative data analysis.

SDDAS uses Tcl/Tk for GUI and glue. The application is delivered in the form of a set of binaries, many of which are Starpacks.