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PuTTY: A free implementation of the telnet and ssh protocols for Unix and Windows.

Launching multiple putty sessions
 console show
 exec c:/putty/putty.exe {*}"-ssh [email protected] -pw pwd &"
 exec c:/putty/putty.exe {*}"-ssh [email protected] -pw pwd &"

pscp  edit

JM 7 Sep 2013 - pscp from the putty family of tools, see also plink

  • The following script runs on a windows machine
  • Getting a file from an ubuntu machine
  • The file will be copied to c:\putty in this case
 console show
 proc action {} {
   cd c:/putty
   set f [open "|\"pscp.exe\" -l jorge -pw yourpwd [.from get]:[.path get] ."]
   puts done
 entry .from
 entry .path -width 50
 button .button -text get -command action

 .from insert 0 [email protected]
 .path insert 0 /home/jorge/sample.txt

 pack .from .path .button