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The Zeno Project was a research effort at Cornell aiming to make multimedia data first class objects in computing environments. Tcl was used extensively as a development platform. Some Tcl-based products developed for it:
Distributed programming extension to Tcl
Resolution-independent video language. Provides a video data type and video operators that are format and resolution independent. Format independence means that MPEG video can be freely intermixed with JPEG, Postscript, and uncompressed images. Resolution independence means that operations in Rivl (e.g., "cut the first five seconds of the video clip") are well defined whether the film resolution is 16 or 30 frames per second or the image size is 100x75 or 4000x3000.
High-performance VM for compiling and running Rivl programs.
An extension to Tcl/Tk for interactive, platform-independent development of high-performance 3D graphics in multimedia and VR applications.
Implementation of Tcl in Java.
a generic installation toolkit . It provides an integrated environment for creating an installation interface for any TCL/TK application extension.