Updated 2015-02-18 16:18:39 by SEH

The SoftVision framework is used for software visualizations in reverse engineering and reverse architecting. It uses Tcl/Tk for GUI and scripting access to its C++ core.

SoftVision was designed with the aim of helping developers in quickly setting up new software visualization applications. The framework includes several components which can be easily assembled and customized with minimal effort to create new software visualization applications. SoftVision is designed around a relational data model, in which software is represented as an attributed graph. The main components include:

  • a generic entity-relationship data model supporting an open set of attributes per node/edge
  • graph processing algorithms (editing, traversal, search)
  • layout algorithms (hierarchical trees, graphs, and nested graphs)
  • customizable 2D and 3D node and edge glyphs
  • 2D and 3D interactive visualizations based on OpenInventor
  • customizable user actions
  • customizable graphical user interfaces
  • all operations are scriptable using Tcl/Tk