Updated 2015-02-17 18:48:11 by SEH

RTFTcl is a package that makes it possible to handle Real-Time FIFOs from a Tcl script.

Real-Time Fifos are Unix devices used by RTLinux and RTAI.

This package has been developed to facilitate an operator/controller dialog. The human operator interacts with a Tcl-Tk panel that runs as a Linux process. The controller is a real-time program, written in C, running at the kernel level, as a module.

The package provides a semi-automated generation of programs that communicate through RT-FIFOs (real-time FIFOs).

Assume that the application is named `foo' The controller (the real-time program) is written in C (file foo.c). This program calls RTLinux's primitives and uses a few macros.

The customized panel is described in the foo.tcl file.

A special parsing of the foo.c source code extracts information needed for building a dialog panel and managing communication. Two application-dependent files are generated: fooCfg.h and fooCfg.tcl.

A Makefile is available to make it easy to compile a new application.