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2. Large text display

Write a procedure, bigtext, that accepts three parameters: the path name of a widget, a font family, and a character string. The procedure should create a Tk widget of the given path name, and display the character string in the given font family, laid out with word wrapping. The font size should be chosen to be as large as possible and still have all the text fit within the area of the widget. If the widget is resized, the font size should be adjusted appropriately. It is permissible to display less than the full text only if no font size in the given family will make it fit.

Submissions will be judged first on correctness (displaying the full text whatever size the widget takes on), and second on look and feel - points will be deducted for excessive "flashing" of the display.

Tcl2002 programming contest: solutions to problem 2

The Great Canadian Tcl/Tk Programming Contest, eh?