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Alie Tormusa Koroma edit

I come from a Telecoms support background, before that I was a Visual Basic programmer (I know...I'm not proud of it myself). Since entering the support and sys admin arena in 2000, I've scripted a lot and did a tinnie bit of Java along the way. While I can boast of being a Solaris Administrator, a seasoned programmer is definitely not one of my accolades.

I've been a Tcl lover since accidentally bumping into a Tcl 8.5 tutorial four years ago. I say it's accidental because a friend who is not a developer by any means was merely passing some C++ documentations over for me to copy from her memory stick. Long story short, I asked about this Tcl tutorial document and she told me it was a programming language. My development skills were almost dead and was looking to revive it at that time (the reason why I wanted the C++ documents in the first place). I decided to learn Tcl instead of C++.

I won't call it love at first touch but when I read the section of "list handling" and the power packed in them I knew I'd found the language to revive my programming past. It paid off, because shortly after I landed a job in which I programmed telecoms services using Tcl (for Mobile broadband and 4G/LTE services). Yep...Tcl is wild out there in the wild!

Today, I am the self proclaimed biggest Wub fan in my opinion. I struggle with it but I'm new to web development all together and I can see its great potentials. I also dream to influence a Tcl/Tk conference in South Africa someday (dreams do come true I heard).

WUB (Wub Unofficial Bootstrap) Tutorial

WUB Tutorial is an attempt at creating what I called a bootstrapping documentation for Wub.


Is a ftp client program for fetching file from a remote server based on configurations. I used it in a cron job to regularly move nth server logs for post processing. It is based on tcllib::ftp package and can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-bQQ5QcqhhdQS1MS2dyc0FGX2c/view?usp=sharing