Updated 2014-10-29 05:38:18 by SEH

TreeDyn is a pure Tcl/Tk tree visualization and annotation tool which includes tools for tree manipulation and annotation and uses meta-information through dynamic graphical operators or scripting to help analyses and annotations of single trees or tree collections.

The main features of TreeDyn are

  1. the management of multiple windows and multiple trees per window,
  2. the export of graphics to several standard file formats with or without HTML encapsulation and a new format called TGF, which enables saving and restoring graphical analysis,
  3. the projection of texts or symbols facing leaf labels or linked to nodes, through manual pasting or by using annotation files,
  4. the highlight of graphical elements after querying leaf labels (or annotations) or by selection of graphical elements and information extraction,
  5. the highlight of targeted trees according to a source tree browsed by the user,
  6. powerful scripts for automating repetitive graphical tasks,
  7. a command line interpreter enabling the use of TreeDyn through CGI scripts for online building of trees,
  8. the inclusion of a library of packages dedicated to specific research fields involving trees.

License: GPL