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What: SnackAmp
 Where: http://sourceforge.net/projects/snackamp/
 Description: SnackAmp is a multi-platform audio music (mp3, ogg ,wav ...)
  player and organizer for large music collections. Manage your entire
  collection, including ID3 tagging and auto-playlisting, from within SnackAmp.
  Embedded webserver for remote control, browsing, jukebox and streaming.
  Currently at version 3.1.2
 Old description at the ''Applications in tcl and tcl/tk'' page:  MP3 & OGG player and jukebox

 Updated: 07/2005
 Contact: mailto:tom.wilkason@cox.net


By Tom Wilkason.


Marty Backe, on comp.lang.tcl, says:

I've been using SnackAmp for many months now, and it just keeps getting better and better. For me, this is the most useful and polished personal use Tcl application available.

SEH 10/12/04 -- I'm trying out the latest version of snackamp on Windows, and it seems very nice, except I can't seem to start play of an mp3 midway through. I see a slider below the time display window which I can grab with the mouse and move to the right, but it just snaps right back to the left and starts the mp3 at the beginning. Is there something I'm missing? Should I be able to start play of an mp3 at any point? (I can do this easily with the QuickTime player.)