Updated 2014-10-05 05:48:25 by SEH

μWASP is a software system designed to capture and analyse activity in an IEEE802.11 wireless (WiFi) network. The goal of μWASP is to provide exposition of wireless networking concepts, and to simplify the development of new software components to provide longitudinal analysis of wireless access patterns.

μWASP includes:

  • a central program, named uwasp, that executes under Linux or Mac OS-X and coordinates the execution of other components, providing a Tcl/Tk graphical interface to view and control their execution;
  • software components that execute on multiple wireless routers, or air-monitors (AMs), dedicated to the task of capturing wireless frames and repackaging and directing them to other software components; and
  • a library, libuwasp, of common functions to extract, manipulate, and print captured frames and their fields, and a simple framework for writing new standalone or GUI analysis tools.