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Virtual Hosts edit

Configuration required for NaviServer to listen on the same port for several hostnames (with logs) as per HTTP 1.1.
set        package                   naviserver

# Absolute path to the installation directory
set        homedir                   /usr/lib/${package}

# Log directories (access log, error log, pidfile)
set        logdir                    /var/log/${package}
set        piddir                    /var/run/${package}

# Name/description of the virtual server
set        servername1               alpha
set        servername2               beta

# The hostname, address and port for nssock should be set to actual values.
set        main_address    
set        port                      80

# Modules
ns_section      "ns/modules"
   ns_param     nssock               ${homedir}/bin/nssock.so

ns_section      "ns/server/$servername1/modules"
   ns_param     nslog                ${homedir}/bin/nslog.so

ns_section      "ns/server/$servername2/modules"
   ns_param     nslog                ${homedir}/bin/nslog.so

# Global Parameters
ns_section      "ns/parameters"
   # Home directory for the server, it will be resolved automaticlaly if not specified
   ns_param     home                 $homedir

   # Main server log file
   ns_param     serverlog            ${logdir}/virtual-hosts.log

   # Pid file of the server process
   ns_param     pidfile              ${piddir}/virtual-hosts.pid

# Servers
ns_section      "ns/servers"
   ns_param     $servername1         "Naviserver $servername1"
   ns_param     $servername2         "Naviserver $servername2"

# nslog config
ns_section      "ns/server/${servername1}/module/nslog"
   # Name to the log file
   ns_param     file                 ${logdir}/${servername1}-access.log

ns_section      "ns/server/${servername2}/module/nslog"
   # Name to the log file
   ns_param     file                 ${logdir}/${servername2}-access.log

# nssock config
ns_section      "ns/module/nssock"
   ns_param     port                 $port
   ns_param     address              $main_address
   ns_param     defaultserver        $servername1

ns_section      "ns/module/nssock/servers"
   ns_param     $servername1         alpha.co.uk
   ns_param     $servername2         beta.co.uk

# Fastpath
ns_section      "ns/server/${servername1}/fastpath"

   # Defines absolute or relative to serverdir directory where all html/adp pages are located
   ns_param     pagedir              /var/www/alpha.co.uk/

   # Directory index/default page to look for.
   ns_param     directoryfile        "index.adp index.html index.htm"

ns_section      "ns/server/${servername2}/fastpath"
   ns_param     pagedir              /var/www/beta.co.uk/ 
   ns_param     directoryfile        "index.html index.htm"