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Minimal Configuration edit

This is a minimal configuration needed to get a Naviserver installation serving up a web page.
# Name/description/domain of the virtual server

set        server_name                alpha

# Modules
ns_section        "ns/modules"
   # Modules to load for the server(s)
   ns_param       nssock           /usr/lib/naviserver/bin/nssock.so

# Servers
ns_section        "ns/servers"
   # The server(s)
   ns_param       $server_name     "Naviserver $server_name"

# nssock Servers
ns_section        "ns/module/nssock/servers"
   # Specify the server(s) and their addresses
   ns_param       $server_name     alpha.co.uk

# Fastpath
ns_section        "ns/server/${server_name}/fastpath"
   # Defines absolute or relative to serverdir directory where all html/adp pages are located
   ns_param       pagedir          /var/www/alpha.co.uk

   # Directory index/default page to look for.
   ns_param       directoryfile    "index.html"


With no IP Address or port specified Naviserver will listen on all interfaces on port 80.