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Zipguy - 2014/6/6 In case you are not familiar with SDX, I also have a page about ezsdx - a small frontend for sdx (which I've renamed to EasySDX) a page on my site all about SDX (and ML).

Even further, if you don't understand how to use SDX then you should read this excellent site, (or in pdf form)

An excerpt of my new page I've added to my site:

"from chat 6/4/2014 20:37:03 AM
[20:37]    zipguy    I've got a question. Is there any way, in Tkchat to modify the 'Google selection' right-click option (on Windoze)?
[20:38]       * zipguy not to 'Bing'!
[20:42]    zipguy    Or is there anyway to change the menu that pops-up, and add command to it?
[20:42]    zipguy    er, commands

[21:13]    kbk    Of course there is. You have the source code..
[21:17]    zipguy    kbk All I have is tkchat.exe, not the source code, so I don't
[21:17]    kbk    It's a starpack. Unwrap it
[21:18]    zipguy    Ok I'll give it a try. Thanks kbk

From the sdx page at http://wiki.tcl.tk/3411

"sdx unwrap yourstarkit Extract the contents of a starkit into a file system. Creates a directory with the name [file root starkit].vfs The directory must not already exist."

It does not make any mention of 'unwrap'ing a foobar.exe, of the type, starpack.

So I did search http://wiki.tcl.tk, looking for 'unwrap' and did not find any mention, that you can unwrap a starpack! It did take me a while to do that.

That got me into another couple of problems.

  • A few people may not aware of what SDX can do, unwrap a starpack. Yes
  • Was it designed to do this? or was it unintentional? Yes & No
  • Is it a secret that what SDX can do?
  • Would anyone get mad at me, if I bring this up, on wiki.tcl.tk, and let a few people know what SDX is capable of? Nope. Great for me!
  • Should I add these features to EasySDX, and make it easy for everyone to use them? Yes. Sounds good to me!

Some of them are unanswered... but most are solved!"

There's a lot more there for SDX lovers.

RLE (2014-06-06): Re. your first point above, if you run sdx with the "help" option, it will print out a list of commands and a short description of each.

So "not being aware" is as much "not bothering to ask" as anything else.

Re. unwrapping a starpack, that file is just a starkit attached to an executable in a single file. So it should have been fairly obvious that if you can unwrap a kit, and a starpack == exe+kit, that you can unwrap an pack.

Additionally, the sdx help has this as one of the line items:
  mksplit     Split starkit/starpack into head and tail files

Which if you test it, splits a pack into an exe and a kit. And so, using "mksplit" and then following with "unwrap" of the tail should have been reasonably obvious as well.

Was sdx designed to unwrap a pack, yes. Given what a pack is, it was designed to unwrap it, because it's just a kit in disguise.

Zipguy - 2014/6/6 Good Points. Mea culpa (my fault). Sorry [RLE}

I made the changes you recommended, above.

Part of my problem, is that on Windows 7, SDX is a real pain to run. That's why I created EasySDX, and have been using it happily for a couple of years. So I haven't run SDX alone for years, too. Also, it does print out a rather lengthy list of commands, of which only one mentions starpack, namely mksplit, only when you run SDX directly, for help, which I haven't, for years.

It's interesting that I got no comments about searching for 'unwrap' on wiki.tcl.tk, which I did do, and looked at all the pages that came up, in response to my search, for the 'unwrap' a starpack. I might have missed a few, like sdx, but came up empty.

Some things about SDX, are hard for me to understand. I must be thick about SDX, so, it was not obvious to me. I love what SDX does, it is terrific. But it is a little hard for someone like me, to understand how it does, what it does.

One look at how many pages are out there, about creating a starkit, or starpack, or questions about SDX, makes it obvious to me, that I'm not alone, in this regard.

As far as the mksplit, I'll look into that.

RLE (2014-06-06): Did something change since the 20110317 version of sdx. Because asking for "help" from that version gives the following three lines that mention starpacks (I added the extra emphasis):
  lsk         List contents of a starkit or __starpack__
  mkpack      Remove free space from Metakit file or starkit or __starpack__
  mksplit     Split starkit/__starpack__ into head and tail files

However, your points have some validity. Given that this aspect was non-obvious to you means the docs re. sdx could do with some more details.