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Scientific computing is one of the areas where Tcl has had a good deal of uptake.

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Seismic Unix (SU) is a free seismic reflection and signal processing package available from the Center for Wave Phenomena, Colorado School of Mines, having a command-line-driven interface. TKSU is a graphical user interface to SU, providing the ability to interactively build a processing flow out of SU modules, set values for module parameters from menus, and create a shell script to execute the processing flow. Although developed specifically for the SU package, TKSU is an independent application that can manage any set of programs that follows the command-line convention of the SU package (the "parfile" convention).

Bsoft is a software package written for image processing of electron micrographs, interpretation of reconstructions, molecular modeling, and general image processing. The code is modularized to allow for rapid testing and deployment of new processing algorithms, while also providing sufficient infrastructure to deal with many file formats and parametric data. It allows shell scripting of processes and allows subtasks to be distributed across multiple computers for concurrent processing.

BSoft is written in C and C++ and can be compiled with bindings to a custom wish shell. It comes with a Tcl/Tk graphical interface called Bshow.

VITESS is a tool for simulation of neutron scattering instruments for neutron scattering at pulsed and continuous sources. It uses Tcl/Tk for GUI and scripted operation.