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TiM [1]

CBLAS from critlib

Ed Hume's pure-Tcl linear algebra package [2]




NArray [3]

LinearAlgebra Tcllib::linearalgebra for users of Tcl8.4 (and possibly earlier) for vectors, matrices and linear equation solvers. Documented in the Help pages.

Ratcl is starting to get some vector/matrix operators.

TclMatrix3d an RPN expression command for affine transformations

3d Matrix Inversion inverts 3x3 matrices

matrix in PLplot

Matrix incr tcl class in a small operating-point circuit simulator

TIP#314 [4] contains as an example an ensemble for doing matrix arithmetic over arbitrary rings.

3D rotation matrices can be constructed in Euler Angles.

Tcl Matrix Type: "implements a new object type for Tcl which looks like a nested list of doubles but is stored internally as a 2d matrix. Conversion to and from string values is only done as needed so that matrices can be passed by value efficiently in tcl scripts. "


Advanced Math in JTcl