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The following is a list of resources that facilitate Vector or matri algebra in Tcl
Features in-memory databases, per-row script execution via db eval, and function command to register new functions. Space-efficient and performant.
A package for efficiently doing numerical processing in Tcl using a natural syntax close to that of NumPy and Matlab
A tcllib module
A graphing and plotting package that provides a matrix feature
Implements a new Tcl collection data type: typed array, and associaeted commanmds, column and table
CBLAS from critlib
La, by Ed Hume
A pure-Tcl linear algebra package
A package that hasn't been maintained since 2002, but was excellent in its time.
An n-dimensional array processor. Highly-recommended.
Built from the ground up to explore the ability to use Tcl as a foundation for high-performance vector handling
An extension to help Tcl cope with large in-memory numeric arrays.
A tcllib module for providing vector and matrix operations, as well as linear equation solvers.
Starting to get some vector/matrix operators.
An RPN expression command for affine transformations
3d Matrix Inversion
Inverts 3x3 matrices
a small operating-point circuit simulator
Provides a Matrix incr tcl class
TIP 314
Contains an example of an ensemble for doing matrix arithmetic over arbitrary rings.
Euler Angles
construction of 3D rotation matrices
Tcl Matrix Type
Implements a new object type for Tcl which looks like a nested list of doubles but is stored internally as a 2d matrix. Conversion to and from string values is only done as needed so that matrices can be passed by value efficiently in tcl scripts.
Advanced Math in JTcl
Missing in Action