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What: Workplace
 Where: http://www.teamwave.com/
 Description: Commercial release of Tcl/Tk 8.0 internet groupware product that
        lets you work together with colleagues in real time or
        asynchronously, using Macintosh, Windows, or Unix platforms.
        Provides shared spaces on the internet allowing groups to share
        information.  Combines concept maps, shared whiteboards,
        chat rooms, calendars, bulletin boards, documents, brainstorming,
        voting and customizable groupware applets with a
        persistent work environment to support both meetings and ongoing work.
        Free time-limited demo licenses are available.
        V4.2 is now available, and includes a PowerPoint slide
        sharing tool as well as a software development kit for developers
        to extend the product and provides the potential to incorporate
        Workplace's abilitites into your own products.
        A V4.3b1 version is also available for testing.
 Updated: 10/1998
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]  (TeamWave Software Ltd.)

See also Mark Roseman and TeamWave.

MR Workplace is long dead. See http://www.markroseman.com/teamwave/

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