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text processing builds on string processing, interpreting strings as a strcture, usually that has some sort of in-value signaling, i.e., markup or format.

Description  edit

The difference between string processing and text processing can be subtle. Forexample, the Longest common substring algorithm might be considered string processing, whereas Longest common subsequence: folklore algorithm could be considered text processing because it implies some greater structure encoded within the string.

General  edit

Tcl itself, of course!

Comparison  edit

Longest common subsequence: folklore algorithm
the algorithm behind diff in Tcl

Editing  edit

Tcl Editors
Editors recommended for Tcl scripts.
The Tk widget.

Extraction  edit

FindProcs utility
Jump to a procedure.
FindWords utility
Jump to another occurrence of a word.
Awk (Not implemented in Tcl)

Layout  edit

Brace-level pretty printer
A source code formatter
tabulate, by dbohdan
Pretty-print plain-text tabular data.