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Objective Tcl, by Pedja Bogdanovich, was a proprietary bridge between Objective C and Tcl, circa 1996.

Resources  edit

mailto:[email protected]
was the mailing list for Objective Tcl

Documentation  edit

The Objective-Framework System: True Language Independence (Release 3) ,Pedja Bogdanovich
Hadar Pedhazur ,OO extensions for TCL ,comp.lang.tcl ,1995-07-26
Objective-Tcl: An Object-Oriented Tcl Environment ,Pedja Bogdanovich , Third Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop ,1995

Reading  edit

ObjTcl is a MUST TRY! ,Hadar Pedhazur ,comp.lang.tcl ,1995-08-12

Description  edit

An advanced object-oriented environment for NEXTSTEP/OpenStep. It provides full access to and from Objective-C. Discussions of ObjectiveBrowser, a class browser which can be used to interact with live objects, also occur here.

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