Updated 2017-11-21 19:02:55 by dbohdan

I'm away from my usual mail, so I'm denied permission to post this to the Metakit mailing list.

The following simple script segfaults:
   package require Mk4tcl
   mk::cursor create I
   mk::cursor create I


LV Don, I have sent your msg along to the mailing list. Perhaps someone will see it here or there and have a solution.

5/9/2002 - I cannot make the crash happen on Linux with MK 2.4.7, it just exits when I try it :( -JCW

5/9/2002 - Confirmed. No problems on Linux. US

5-Sep-2002 - Well, memory corruption bugs are notoriously difficult to replicate, but I assure you the bug is there. Along with several others [1]. DGP

One additional note, my copy of Mk4tcl 2.4.7 is very slightly edited, to add the [namespace export] of its public commands, as previously mentioned (and patch contributed) on the mailing list. That change should make no difference to the presence of this bug, but it could shift things around in memory enough that I see segfaults every time on Linux, and you see them never on Linux.