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This is one of my pages which answers many questions, in much detail, with explicit screenshots.

This does make the page HUGE.

From the begining of the page: "How to Download tclkit.exe's, and Run TCL, and .kit files, by Using tclkit.exe FOR WINDOWS ONLY.

Here's where I will try to explain, under Windows, by using the Browser, I do use under Windows (namely Firefox)

  • What's the difference between tclkit and ActiveState's 26G full download of tcl?
  • How to find and download the proper version of tclkit.exe
  • How can I test tclkitsh-8.5.9-win32.upx.exe to make sure it works?
  • How to download mlv125h.kit (or ezsdxv97b.kit) and try opening it with the tclkit-8.5.9-win32.upx.exe?
  • How do I create an Icon for running tclkitsh-8.5.9-win32.upx.exe?
  • How do I copy that Icon?
  • How do I customize that copy of the Icon, for tclkit and a program (ml125h.kit)?
  • How do I test the updated (and customized) copy of the Icon?
  • How do I copy a file from wiki and use ML to do that?"

These are most of the questions, that have been thoroughly answered.

They are answered on this page here in particular, which is part of my site, which is mostly tcl oriented.