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Zipguy 2013-04-16 - You can find out my email address by clicking on Zipguy.

I do like the interface to "Windows 7" which "Windows Explorer" uses. In particular, one of my most favorite parts of this interface, is the way the top line works. Beautiful! And it's also resizeable!

I was thinking about writing a version of it in tcl, for the top line's interface, if possible, also.

Why is it only used by 8.5.8 and not others (like 8.5.9 for example, which goes back to the old version of it)?

For example, this is the one I like in 8.5.8, in MLv125i, the open dialog (when I'm running it with tclkit: tclkit-8.5.8-win32.upx.exe), it looks like this:

or further like this:

This is the old one, I've been talking about, 8.5.9 for example, which looks a lot more like the one in Windows XP (which is NOT resizeable):

Why was it in a later version of tclkit (when I'm running the same kit, MLv125i, the open dialog, with tclkit: tclkit-8.5.9-win32.upx.exe)?

Zipguy 2013-10-08 - Well, no replies, but good news! It does seem to have gone back to the one I like, in tclkit-8.6.0-win32.upx.exe, which did take me a while to find.

I found at <Pat Thoyts's Daily Build site>.

It is available (now) on <ActiveState's Site>

I've upgraded both ezSDX and ML to use them also (they do write out a version of it tclkit-8.6.0-runwin32.upx.exe).