Updated 2013-01-24 18:35:19 by AK

The usecase driving fossil's ability to nest the checkout of one repository into the checkout of another was that we (the Tcl Maintainers) wanted to share the same tclconfig/ across many packages instead of maintaining actual copies per package.

A concrete example of this can be found at Tracking Thread Sources with tclconfig nested into a checkout of package Thread.

Generalized the setup looks like shown below, with the package INNER nested into the checkout of OUTER.
# Start with a regular checkout of a project OUTER

% mkdir outer
% cd outer
% fossil open /path/to/outer.fossil

# Then add the INNER project
# Remember, we are in .../outer here

% mkdir inner
% cd inner
% fossil open --nested /path/to/inner.fossil

# Note the --nested option in the last command. This is necessary to make this work.